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Dedicate Yourself to Your Passion




We all have that one thing in us that we’ve done our entire life or that we’ve desired to try that will fulfill that empty gap within us. Most of us think that living out this dream is unobtainable. It’s safer to just to stick to a life where you can’t wait to get home from the job you dislike because that’s society’s norm. Many of us lack the confidence or initiative to pursue these things because we are afraid of failing or scared of what other people will think of us.

I was one of these people until one day I decided I was going to approach life differently.


I’ve drawn my entire life and it has always been an outlet for me. It’s a way to cope with the daily stress or as a form of self expression. I’ve always carried a sketch book but lacked the confidence in sharing my art because I didn’t think I was very good. There was always someone better than I was so I figured that I had nothing to offer. I had tons of sketch books filled that virtually no one had seen except for my family.

The thought of drawing being my passion never occurred to me, it was more like a hobby even though it came naturally to me. I would go in spurts with hardly putting any pencil to paper but somehow it always came back around. Looking back on where I had long lapses in creating, those seemed to be the times I felt the most empty and depressed. I felt I lacked a purpose in life and constantly questioned my existence. However, looking back on when I was heavy into the routine of drawing, those were the times I felt most alive. It was always so fulfilling to see the growth and progress in the time I had invested.


It wasn’t until college when my friend Tyson was checking out my sketchbook. He immediately started pushing me to post my work on Facebook. He gave me the affirmation I was subconsciously longing for from a peer that made me feel like my work was worth sharing. Who knows, maybe others would enjoy my art as well? I was still pretty hesitant because of the vulnerability of putting my work out there for the world to criticize, kind of like how I currently feel publishing this initial blog post. However, putting myself out there was one of the best decisions I have ever made in becoming the artist I am today. All the encouragement from family and friends over the years really gave me a reason to keep drawing.


It’s taken me over 25 years to realize God has given me a gift that I can use to help others while still finding self fulfillment. Many refer to this as a vocation. I’ve taken on the mindset that my purpose is to share artwork derived from my experiences and in ways to encourage people to find their own voice in what they like to create or do. The most satisfying thing is when I pour my soul into creating something and someone randomly emails me to tell me how much that piece resonated with them. It is truly a powerful feeling that words can’t describe.

I declared a little over a year ago that I was going to sacrifice and put everything I had into my art and show up everyday. The results have been staggering.  My art has progressed immensely and it has made such a positive impact not only in my life but in many others. This is the fuel that keeps me motivated to keep pushing boundaries in what I create. My life has a purpose and I feel I have a duty to help and teach others to share their gift and find the same satisfaction as I’ve found.


I create not to seek attention, not to land the big clients, but to put something good into the universe in hopes that I can inspire someone else to do the same.

Pursuing your passion isn’t going to be a quick fix for your financial issues. This isn’t about getting rich or trying to become an overnight celebrity by having your work go viral. Dedicating yourself to your passion is about finding self fulfillment with your gift and how you can help others at the same time. Whether you’re an artist, writer, musician, photographer, speaker, curator, etc., we all have that one thing we long to do in order to fill that empty void within ourselves. We were created to create and should embrace whatever skill-set we have. Someone out there can benefit by YOU sharing YOUR GIFT. It’s a full circle of people inspiring others that inspire others. IT’S NOT ABOUT MONEY OR RECOGNITION.


So what’s holding you back from doing what you love?

  • Do you feel you have nothing worthy to share?
  • Are you afraid of what people will think of you?
  • Do you just not have the time?

These were the things that I would tell myself over and over again. I used to use the excuse of not having time. I currently work a 40 hour work week to cover all my student debt and various bills, attend the gym regularly for my sanity and somehow manage to make the time to draw and encourage others everyday. Outside of that, there really isn’t any leisure time as my focus is on achieving my goals. I’m lucky to have my soon to be wife, Emily, who supports my dreams and aspirations while putting up with all the countless hours I spend working after work.

It’s easy to stay where you are comfortable, but ask yourself, are you truly happy with what you do? You can change this today. Today can be the day you decide that you will finally begin pursuing what makes you happy and you start by taking small steps. I’m not telling you to quit your day job (at least right away), or to give up quality family time. There must be balance in your life. You have to want this bad enough that you’re willing to sacrifice that TV time or the endless scrolling through Pinterest in order to make this happen.

So ask yourself, what are you living for? I’m telling you right now that YOU have something to offer the World. You have the gift of changing a persons life and to me that’s pretty damn cool. Once you dedicate yourself to your passion you will never work a day in your life.

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  • Carrie Wohlt says:

    Scotty really enjoyed reading your first blog post. It was very inspiring. I really enjoy seeing your work on Instagram and looking forward to continuing to read your blog posts. So nice to connect with other graphic artist/hand-lettering artist.
    God’s Many Blessings
    Carrie Wohlt

  • Usually, I don’t read long posts, but it was worth the time. Nice article.

  • Scott Hamerlinck says:

    Nice work Scotty. I’d like to amplify this by one degree… our time is finite, and these things are more urgent than most realize. There’s nothing stopping us from doing these things NOW. Stop holding ourselves back NOW. Help others NOW. Take action NOW. Not only will we be satisfied and fulfilled by our work, but we will also avoid the guilt and emptiness of regret that would gladly replace the satisfaction.

    “Do it now.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger as ‘Dutch’, in Predator

  • Lisa Hardy says:

    Absolutely wonderful post Scotty! I completely agree with everything you wrote.

    It has taken me a very long time to find the courage to “put myself out there,” but upon doing so, I have become an even happier and more positive person than I was previously. It is a beautiful thing to let go of your fears and to take charge of your life, and your creative passions. Every morning when I wake up, I am excited to start the day because I know the day can and will bring beautiful things, as long as I stay positive and focused! Can’t wait for the next post :) Keep up the great work!


  • Thiyagu says:

    Hi, scotty its really excellent advice and i excited to see more from you, your works were really amazing these days. Keep this going on and my best regards and wishes to you..

    always you best buddy,
    Thiyagu Vairam,,,

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