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PP 113: Why Concept is King if You Want to Stand Out with Joshua Ariza of Chomp Brand

Flash Sheet Illustration by Joshua Ariza of Chomp Brand for the Perspective Podcast

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Why Concept is King if You Want to Stand Out with Joshua Ariza of Chomp Brand


Back in episode 104 titled Don’t Die a Creative Copy Cat, we talk about stealing waves, riding waves, and making waves of your own.

Not stealing waves is a given. Don’t plagiarize and jack people’s shit—especially for profit—and ALWAYS make sure to credit (today’s guest deals with this all the time, unfortunately).

Riding waves is a little more tricky, especially when you’re starting off. It’s too easy to bite someone’s else’s style or rock the latest trend. Ironically, standing out harder when you’re trying to fit in.

Then you have the wave-making mavericks in the game. These are the creatives who tenaciously find ways to be different, even if it means going against the grain.

They take risks. They expect failure and welcome it with open arms. Most importantly, they bet on them themselves, take initiative, and make things happen.

Illustration Joshua Ariza Chomp Brand Drawing for Perspective Podcast

Taking Risks & Making Your Own Waves

One of the biggest wave makers I’ve gotten to know in 2018 is Joshua Ariza who works full-time freelancing with the biggest brands in the world like Facebook, Nike, Red Bull, Disney, Star Wars, and Taco Bell.

That’s pretty rad and all, but you have a legend in the making when you realized he’s rocking his surf/skate apparel brand Chomp and while making time to be a family man and taking care of his earthly being and health.

Josh and I talk about:

  • Growing a profitable apparel brand
  • Taking risks and betting on yourself
  • Using failure as a tool instead of an excuse
  • How concept is king and the importance of standing out than riding trends
  • Using outreach to create your own opportunities

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