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Making Time When You Have None: You Have the Tool

Making Time When You Have None: You Already Have the Tool

A 3 Step Solution for Making Time By Saying No

If you’re like me, you have some pretty big goals you want to achieve this year or life in general; but making time to reach them can feel unrealistic with everything you have going on.

Making Time When You Have None: You Already Have the Tool

Saying no makes time while saying yes fills time.

I get it, you’re busy.

When you don’t reach these goals, it’s easy to blame it on the excuse of not having time. It makes you feel better and alleviates the blame from your shoulders.

This year is different though, but how can you find more time to accomplish these?

That’s the problem, you’ll never find more time, but making time is possible.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day, but how do some people accomplish so much more than you?

The reason they have the time to start new things and reach their goals is because they use their secret weapon – they are making time by simply saying no.

I have 3 step solution for making time to focus on executing and getting to where you want to be.

Using No is a Tool

It’s really simple; saying no makes time while saying yes fills time.

If you want to create more time in your schedule you have to become a professional at saying no. It’s your secret weapon that you’ve always had and a tool you need to implement now.

I’ve recently discovered this tool and it’s something I regret not capitalizing on sooner. The amount of time I’ve created for myself is evident by the results and progress I’ve been achieving over the past two years.

It’s like any skill you require with practice – The more you say no, the easier it gets.

Being comfortable with saying no means you understand that this won’t be your last opportunity and you wont have to say no to these things forever. It’s not the right time now. Stick to your guns and keep your eyes on the prize.

Other than making time, there are also some other great benefits you get by using no in your daily arsenal.

You create a perception of professionalism: By saying no to things, people will realize that you are serious about your goals and that their requests don’t hold as much precedence as they once thought. You will receive less, non-serious requests you’re perceived as a professional and not a hobbyist.

Your Yes means more: Saying no puts more weight and emphasis on the times you say yes. People will understand that your time is sacred and that your yes is a big deal. They will appreciate and value your time much more.

Are you still having a hard time finding it possible to say no?

Do you understand why you have a hard time in the first place?

Making Time When You Have None: You Already Have the Tool

Time is your most valuable asset and making time is only possible by saying no.

Why Do You Say Yes?

A majority of my life and most recently after college, I was spreading myself too thin. I was never making any progress because I was saying yes to practically everything. It was hard to say no.

I regret the years wasted on things that weren’t allowing me to grow but then again those were learning experiences I heavily lean on today.

Saying yes when I should’ve said no spawned from multiple reasons, maybe these apply to you too:

  1. Being a people pleaser: It’s hard saying no to family and friends. There’s a sense of obligation and guilt towards these people and many of them expect you to help.
  2. Distracted by shiny object syndrome: Having the urge of taking on something new that seemed interesting yet doesn’t align with your goals. This results in splitting your focus into different areas decreasing productivity and growth.
  3. Dealing with FOMO(Fear of Missing Out): The fear of being the one who is staying in while your friends are going to parties or events. The need to be included in everything as you if you will regret it for the rest of your life when you should be focusing.
  4. Letting scarcity mindset rule: If anyone offers you “something too good to pass up” or a small chunk of money to do a request you feel compelled to take it – like another job or opportunity to make money would never arise again.
  5. Showcasing talents: You may think it’s cool to show people you’re a jack-of-all-trades, but honestly, you’re doing too much. You may think people will see you an anomaly, a rare master of many things.

Saying yes to all of these things affected my:

  • happiness
  • personal development
  • relationships
  • motivation
  • overall performance.

It will do the same to you if you don’t take control now.

What are some things you can start saying no to now?

Create a list of No’s

If you are serious about reaching a goal, whether it’s creative, business or personal, you have to say no to things that will distract you.

Are you aware of all the things you say yes to? Are you aware of the things you need to say no to?

There is a way to keep yourself accountable from slipping back into your yes mentality.

A technique I’ve implemented this year is a tactic I’ve adopted from my friend Sean McCabe. It’s building a list of the things you need to say no to in order to hold yourself accountable to reaching your goals.

These must be no’s and not a list of maybe’s.

Here are some examples of no’s you could have on your list:

  • Taking on bad client work
  • Not using a questionnaire to filter out requests
  • Hooking up friends and family
  • Any work that doesn’t align with your mission
  • Going out every weekend (or weekdays)
  • Sleeping in
  • Going out to eat
  • Eating past 8pm
  • Drinking soda
  • Procrastinating
  • Staying up late
  • Blowing your paycheck
  • Using your credit card
  • Being late
  • Talking behind people’s back
  • Mindfully swearing (working on this one)

It’s the little things like this that others aren’t capable of doing. Most people aren’t willing to invest the extra effort and they won’t experience the success you will.

Start Using Your Tool

Your success in life is tied to your productivity and growth – you can attain both by making time and using your new tool.

Your time is priceless.

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”#1C1C1C” class=”” size=”32″]Time is your most valuable asset and making time is only possible by saying no.[/pullquote]

You have to be strict on yourself.

You have to be greedy with your time so you can focus on the next thing – the big thing that will put you on the fast track towards reaching your goal.

Key Takeaways

  • you’ll never find more time, but making time is possible
  • saying no makes time while saying yes fills time
  • the more you say no, the easier it gets
  • stick to your guns and keep your eyes on the prize
  • understand why you say yes so you can say no
  • create a list of things to say no to, not a list of maybe’s
  • success is tied to productivity and growth

I challenge you this week, write out a list of things you need to say no to. Stick to your guns and reach the goals you deserve.

You’ll never get to where you want to be if you can’t say no.

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