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Building an Online Audience (Pt. 3 of 3): Getting Attention With Compelling Content

Getting Attention With Compelling Content

The Right Way of Getting Attention to Attract an Audience

Let’s face it, the world wide web is over crowded and noisier than ever and you’re not getting attention.

How do you get people to listen to your content?

Getting Attention With Compelling ContentNobody starts off perfect so don’t fall victim to comparison.

This doesn’t happen over night as it takes time and a lot of experimentation — but if you stick with the strategy below, you can be creating great content that is sure to attract an audience.

You’ve laid your foundation in Key 1. You’ve built your home in Key 2. This post is an overview of two segments that are covered in Key 3 of the 3 Keys to Building an Online Audience Handbook. This will discuss the type of content you should be producing along with how to get your audience to pay attention.

Be ready to have your mind blown. :)

The 3 Keys to Building an Online Audience

3 Types of Content to Produce

So what were you going to create? Do you know your audience well enough to understand what they want to consume?

Instead of just guessing, you can follow a set criteria and create content that falls into one of these three buckets:

1. Educates

The greatest way to start quickly producing content is by teaching and sharing everything you know. This will be focused on a given subject that is tailored towards your audience’s needs.

There are so many reasons why you should be teaching what you know but the main one is that is positions you as an expert and gives you influence.

A backlog of teaching will instantly boost your reputation compared to one who doesn’t — increasing the favor of getting attention.

If you’re timid to teach, you may fall into these two categories:

Fear of Competition
You may be afraid that your competitors will surpass you by giving away all your tips and tricks. Essentially running yourself out of business from giving away too much.

Understand that what you do is unique. People can bite your style all day but your delivery and personality injected into your craft will always separate you from the clones.

Imposter Syndrome
You may feel you’re incapable of teaching because you’re no expert in this field. When in reality, you know so much more than someone below you and the goal isn’t to teach an existing expert.

If you’re a level 6 on a subject matter, you’re trying to help those on levels 1–5. Your’e not aiming at the levels 7–10. As you level up, those in your audience level up as well and trust is established.

2. Inspires

Creating content that inspires is all about hitting those emotional triggers while creating a call to action.

For example, I’m big into personal development and coaching. I realize many people in my audience have a hard time getting out of their own way and just starting. I want to create content that speaks to them and their current struggles. The goal is to paint a vivid picture of a better version of themselves. In order for them to get to that picture in their mind, they need the “How”. The “How” is your content or future goods or services.

It’s all about speaking their language and showing them:

  • Where they currently are within their situation (present struggle)
  • Where they could be (the desired outcome)
  • Show them the “How” (how will they get there?)

A great way to deliver this is by storytelling. Speak from experience and share where you were in a similar situation. By following that same format you can:

  • speak to where you were previously struggling
  • state where you wish you were
  • explain “How” you got the results you desired

This is a very successful pattern for writing content that inspires people to take action. It’s all about giving them the fuel to become the best version of themselves.

Getting attention is sure to happen if you’re able to deliver on the “How”. Creating a compelling call to action is the key.

3. Entertains

Finally, you have the power to create an escape.

Content that entertains permits people to disregard the outside world and whatever issues they were previously dealing with.

Getting attention happens quickly if you can make someone’s day that much better. For me personally, I’m a sucker for:

  • time lapse videos
  • behind the scenes of a process
  • motion graphic animations
  • detailed digital illustrations (like Nick Slater and DKNG)
  • comedy or horror based movies
  • or just solid produced music

These things allow me to escape my stresses giving me something to talk about with others.

Think about your target audience. You should know them well enough to know what may spark their interest. Experiment and get a feel for what they engage with the most and then produce more of it.

Keep up to date with the 3 Keys to Building an Online Audience Handbook

4 Ways to Get People’s to Attention

Now that you know what kind of content you should be producing, there are several ways you can make it more discoverable as well as gain attention. I’ve adapted much of this from Seanwes as his advice will help me help you.

1. Curation

If your presence online is meant for business and growing a brand then stop confusing people. Curate with clear communication.

If you scroll back through my Instagram over a year and a half ago, you would see a wide array of different posts. I was trying to show the world my diverse talents of logo designs, t-shirt designs, doodles, polished drawings, pictures of my cats and slices of pizza.

Honestly, I was all over the place and I now realize I was probably confusing the heck out of people like you….which led me to creating a purrrrrsonal account as I love posting photos of my cats.

Two fur babies

I post pictures of my cats on my personal pages.

When I go to your profile and you say you are an illustrator yet I see selfies, random scenery photos, some illustrations and possibly some doodles, I’m extremely confused and I will scroll past you.

I can’t process all of this and you don’t clearly position yourself as an illustrator who’s content or feed will educate, inspire or entertain me.

By curating what you share, you define the label people are going to put on you. It makes it easier for them to process exactly what it is you do so they can understand your work is for them.

If you look at my account now, you will only see motivational illustrative lettering pieces and I can attest that curation was pivotal in growing my Instagram following.

Curation is crucial for getting attention.

2. Consistency

What’s the frequency that you’re posting your content? Every day, once a week or just whenever you feel like it?

You may not think consistency is a big deal but it’s important for getting attention and building trust.

By showing up and producing content time-and-time again on a specific date, you not only show that they can trust your output schedule, but it shows your dedication to providing value to them.

Consistent output also constantly makes sure there are more opportunities for eye balls to fall upon it, especially if you’re doing daily content.

I personally believe everyone can make something at least once a week. This can be blogging, vlogging, video tutorials, drawing, photos, paintings, etc. I know people with two jobs and several kids who pump out daily content! There’s no excuse as you can always make more time.

I say this not boastfully but to prove a point:

  • I’ve been posting artwork weekly for over two years on social media and my website.
  • June 2016 will mark a year that I’ve been blogging weekly.
  • On Anchor, I post a daily a 1–2 minute audio nugget of motivation to fire you up.
  • By the end of Summer 2016 I plan to launch a weekly podcast.

Following through these commitments is far from easy. However, it has helped me establish my brand, build a loyal following and getting attention. My audience knows when to expect content and they trust that it’s tailored towards serving them.

Start off with some kind of schedule; don’t just wing it and put it out when you feel like it. People will never know when to be on the lookout for your content and you can become an after thought instead of top of mind.

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”#1C1C1C” class=”” size=”32″]”People don’t notice announcements, they notice consistency.” – Sean McCabe[/pullquote]

3. Quality

Plain and simple, care about the quality production of whatever you share with the world. Take pride in it.

Realize that while trying to be consistent, like doing daily work, your quality needs to match. Daily consistency is fantastic, but don’t let quantity reign over quality. You’re better off switching to weekly in order to finesse your content more.

However, when you’re just starting off, it’s important to put out a lot of bad work so you can stumble your way into the good. Nobody starts off perfect and don’t fall victim to comparison. Everyone you look up to was once a beginner and you’re time and quality content will come by staying persistent.

4. Time

You and I live in this microwave society where people expect something to happen overnight. Your tv dinners can cook in 3 minutes so why can’t this thing I made in an hour go viral on Youtube???

I know, defeating right?

Don’t worry about virality, it’ll happen when it’s supposed to happen by you creating quality, shareable content. This stuff takes time.

I’m just now two years into my business and each day is a sign of new growth and progress. When you look at it day-by-day, it’s hard to see the results — but when you string those days all together and you look back over a year, it’s amazing what I’ve accomplished.

When you feel yourself getting discouraged, remind yourself:

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”#1C1C1C” class=”” size=”32″]You’re running a marathon, not a sprint. [/pullquote]

I literally have to remind myself of this every day — seriously it’s a massive struggle of mine as there are days I feel entitled to earn the prize sooner than I deserve.

Getting attention, building an audience and a meaningful brand will take time and that’s okay. That’s how it’s supposed to be.

Enjoy the process over the destination. You’re playing the long game.

Getting Attention With Compelling Content

Enjoy the process over the destination.

Start Producing

You can learn and consume information all day, but you’ll never start getting attention until you start putting content out into the world.

It’s going to take a ton of experimentation until you find something that sticks and that’s okay…..this is a marathon.

Focus on creating content that inspires, educates or entertains and follow the rules of getting people to pay attention to it. Over time, it just becomes second nature as you know what your audience is needing and craving.

You got this and I’m here to help.

Key Takeaways

  • Curate with clear communication.
  • You’re running a marathon, not a sprint.
  • Enjoy the process over the destination.
  • Producing content consistently builds trusts and brand awareness.
  • Nobody starts off perfect so don’t fall victim to comparison.
  • True entertainment has great story telling that places you in the story.
  • Experiment and get a feel for what they engage with the most and then produce more of it.

Do You Want to Learn How to Build an Online Audience?

This post is an overview of the 3rd Key of the 3 Keys to Building an Online Audience Handbook that I am working on for you. This guide will teach you how to share your gift, build a brand and attract a loyal following. There’s never been a better time to pursue what you love so follow the link below to learn more.

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