Perspective-Collective is the studio of Scotty Russell, a freelance lettering artist and illustrator based out of Cedar Falls, Iowa. Some minor obsessions he has consists of drawing on everything he can find and anything to do with pizza.

Outside of being an artist, he strives to encourage his creative peers. He does this through co-hosting monthly Drink & Draws, teaching workshops, public speaking, and his weekly Perspective Podcast.

He’s a big advocate for pursuing the type of side projects you want to get paid to create. He also believes your hobby has more potential than you think.

In his spare time, you can catch him burning the pizza off in the gym and causing mischief with his partners in crime: his wife and cats.

He’d love for you to join his team where you can get direct access and influence the topics of future podcast episodes.

You can get ahold of Scotty through his contact page.

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Change Your Perspective: The 4 Pillars to Creating Your Own World

I grew up playing the victim and never thought my art would amount to anything. Over time I was able to change my perspective and began creating the world I wished to live in.

If you’re ready to take action and start creating the future you deserve, then this free guide is for you.

I’ve spent over a year constructing this program and have done several public talks on it. It takes you from playing the victim role to confidently pursuing your creative path.

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