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PP 008: 3 Benefits You’ll Experience Once You Retire From the People Pleasing Business

People Pleasing Business: Stop Pleasing & Embrace Your Weird

This episode of the Perspective Podcast is stepping away from feeling the need to please others and cater your work towards their preference.

Scotty gives you 3 benefits you’ll experience once you retire from this business and focus on doing the work that resonates with you the most.

These benefits are:
1. The pressure is off
2. You can be yourself
3. The right audience will find you

Key Takeaways

– You have permission to enjoy what you create.
– Trying to create work that appeals to everyone means that it will resonate with no one.
– Embrace your unique abilities and think, speak and create from a place that is true to yourself.
– Your right message will find the right audience at the right moment.
– People are attracted to people who stand for something.
– Never alter your DNA as you were created to create.
– You can truly please the right audience once you are comfortable with whom you are as a person.

Big Magic: Elizabeth Gilbert
Music by: Blookah

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