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PP 043: Passion is What You’re Willing to Suffer For With Jason Craig

Passion is What You're Willing to Suffer For With Jason Craig

Defining Passion & Ditching the Limiters on Your Creativity

Note: Listen to the end of the episode to hear how you can win a giveaway from Jason.

This week on the show we have the talented designer, illustrator, speaker and just a kickass friend, Jason Craig.

Jason operates out of  Augusta, GA and currently is the Senior Designer for the Westobou Festival in Augusta.

He and I go back 3 years as we originally linked up through Instagram and then met each other at Creative South 2015. That year he was a speaker and I was blown away by his story telling and presence on the stage, let alone his artwork.

Fast forward to today and he’s become a mentor and someone I can rely on to give it to me straight and cut through the bullshit.

Passion is What You're Willing to Suffer For With Jason Craig

Passion is What You're Willing to Suffer For With Jason Craig

In this episode, we dive deep into:

  • his backstory and all the design jobs he’s been involved in
  • how he gets inspired and executes those ideas instead of sitting on them
  • how creating from conflict can fuel your artwork and give you a voice
  • the reason people confuse passion with struggle
  • being paralyzed by perfection and how repetition is the answer
  • leaving yourself open to opportunity
  • the fact that there is no limited finite amount of success to be had

Jason has a gift for drilling home his points through metaphors and analogies and I really think you’ll enjoy his setup and delivery.

He’s always making appearances at your favorite design conferences but you can catch him speaking next at the Crop Pop Up Conference in November in Austin, Texas.

Passion is What You're Willing to Suffer For With Jason Craig


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  • Destany says:

    Wow! J’s explanation of passion was on point! True talent and a brilliant mind. I have a feeling he is about to do some incredible shit. See ya in Austin!

    • Scotty Russell says:

      Right?! I couldn’t believe when he dropped that bomb and it really made me rethink a lot of things that I usually complain that I’m struggling with…and what I’m willing to suffer for. See ya in Austin Destany.

  • Shark says:

    I like Jason. He seems like a real down to earth dude. And he’s talented AF to boot. To speak on being happy about someone enjoying something you made, I did a real quick little vector of him about 2 years ago and he posted it to his Instagram. That was really dope, way better than any amount of affirmation or monetary gain. Great podcast. Have him on again.

    • Scotty Russell says:

      Jason is the shit, he is easily one of the most genuine, down to earth people I’ve ever met. He’s wise beyond his year and I try to soak up every little nugget he drops on me. I will def have him on as a regular in the rotation. Thanks for engaging here and giving the show a chance.

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